Security Systems


Today’s monitored alarm systems are about much more than security, they provide homeowner’s with convenience and peace of mind.

A good security system will issue an alert before an intruder is actually in the house when the siren is most likely to scare them away.

Peace of mind is greatly enhanced with additional features: A monitored smoke alarm will wake the occupants and call for the fire department regardless if you are away from home or incapacitated. Carbon monoxide sensors, to detect the odorless killer. Flood sensors will warn about groundwater intrusion, ruptured pipes, an over pressured hot water tank, or even a leaky aquarium. Low temperature sensors in case your furnace breaks down in the winter and stop the risk of freezing water pipes in your home.

Most insurance companies offer discounts for homes with monitored alarm service.

The security system can notify you of events such as when a contractor or maid comes and leaves, or if your child has not come home and disarmed the system by a certain time.
Security systems can be integrated with cameras and other home systems to automatically turn off lights, adjust the furnace when you have gone to bed, and many other programmable events.