Home Theater

Take your movie or sports HD viewing experience to a whole new level with a Home Theatre system in your own home. Whether you are designating a room for theater or creating a multi use enjoyment area for the family, MyHome offers the wiring, devices and products to suit you budget. The type of system right for you depends and many factors including size and shape of the room, aesthetics, seating, lighting and if you want 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 sound.

The structural wiring should be hidden whether your HD television is wall mounted, above the fireplace or if you have decided on a projection television. The electrical outlet should not be obtrusive.

MyHome can install the components near the HD television or even in another room, run the HDMI cables and make the correct connections to get the best results. We can supply any or all of the components in your system.

You have a home that was not pre-wired for what you want? MyHome can retrofit a Home Theatre system without the tell tale signs.