in this field.
Structured wiring is the foundation of current and future information

network technology upon which your home’s communication and

entertainment systems will merge and interact with each other. Wiring a

home for technology is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Structured wiring organizes and distributes cable, satellite, internet,

telephone, television, computer networks, intercom, cameras, and sound

throughout your home.

High quality CAT5E, Quad Shield RG6 and Audio wiring is run from a

central hub, usually located in the basement, to any rooms or all rooms

in your home. CAT5E carries voice, data and digital signals; RG6 carries

video and audio signals. Audio distribution may be done to or from the

central hub, depending on how you configure your system.

Planning is important: will your television be wall mounted, what bracket

you will need, did you arrange for an electrical outlet at the correct

height. Will you be playing background music from CD’s or your IPOD,

or a tuner. What are your security system needs.

Planning ahead is important: wiring now for future use will result in huge cost

savings later when for instance you add, in-ceiling speakers in the master suite,

a camera to watch the baby, a projection television for your home

theatre, or even for answering the door with your television or phone.

Pre-wiring ensures proper infrastructure is in place for you now and in

the future. MyHome can help customize a system just for you. Wiring to

carry all communications, audio, video, and data throughout your home

and install all of the electronic equipment to take advantage of the


In other words we wire and install multi room sound, television and

home theatre, telephone, intercoms, cameras and security systems.

Our team has over 40 combined years of experience in this field.

Structured Wiring